About Us

The Aether Hub on YouTube
The Aether Hub started as a channel focused on the lore and story of Magic: The Gathering under the name SeibenLore in 2013. As it grew in popularity, we realized that while we filled a unique niche in the community, we wanted to expand even further. Highlighting the best community practices on YouTube, the channel branched out to other key personalities in order to bring their expertise on different MTG subjects together in one place. Lore, Deck Techs, Commander, Limited, News - everything you love about MTG. This was the beginning of the Aether Hub; a collective group of community members joining together to feed your obsession. 
Meet the Hubbies! 
Nizzahon - Nizzahon_Magic
The Master of Draft, Limited Legend; Nizzahon is a specialist at all things limited MTG. On his own channel and here at the Aether Hub, Nizz focuses on Draft Guides and Game Play on MTGO. He tells you what a set does for limited play, then shows you how to abuse it for success. 
Nicole - BadWolfMTG
Nicole is a veteran at the YouTube game, having been a personal inspiration of mine to start my own channel. On her channel, you can get some nifty MTG crafts while here on the Aether Hub, she lends her knowledge to The Stack - our version of weekly news for Standard Magic: The Gathering. 
Paul - Planeswalker Project
Those who love Commander are passionate about how their decks are constructed, and not many are as passionate as Paul from Planeswalker Project. Commander/EDH is his jam and he's contently mulling over new and unique deck ideas that will keep his opponents guessing. 
Matt - TOTALmtg
Our newest member of the hub, Matt has quickly carved his place among the founding members of this organization. With his elegant tone, Matt brews some of the best Standard Deck Techs on YouTube for both his own channel and the Aether Hub. If you're looking for something outside of Net Decking, Matt is your man.