Pre-Order FAQ

Why do you run a Pre-Order Event? 
Initial inventory is expensive for any store, especially Card and Hobby specialists. In order to generate the funds needed for stock, we turn to you, our customers. All Pre-Orders will be fulfilled and everything earned will go right back into the inventory cycle. We also want to gauge the communities response to our store. 
What do I get with my Pre-Order?
  • A preview of the HUBundles Monthly Subscription 
  • 5% off your first month of HUBundle 
  • Your name or nickname added to the Aether Hub VIP list seen both in store and on YouTube.
What are the "Mystery Cards" included in my HUBundle? 
Mystery Cards are a recurring lottery in HUBundles for those looking for a chance at added value. These are random cards opened from a Booster Box of MTG on video for the Aether Hub. All cards cracked will go to HUBundles, with mythics and rares being randomly added first. Watch the box opening on YouTube and see the cards you could potentially pull as a Mystery Card! 
Do you ship Internationally? 
No. As per restrictions enforced by Wizards of the Coast, The Aether Hub can only sell product to customers within the United States.  
How long does the Pre-Order Event last?
The event lasts through June 2017 and ends when the store officially opens in July. 
How will HUBundles and the store change after the Pre-Order Event? 
HUBundles will be added to a monthly subscription service along with having "enhanced" versions with more goodies. You will also have the ability to build your HUBundle the way you want. Pick and choose the Standard Legal MTG packs that will make up your monthly box! Singles and individual products will be added to the store. 
When are HUBundle Subscriptions Shipped?
During the Pre-Order Event, HUBundles are shipped every Monday.
What shipping service do you use for the HUBundles and can I track my order?
The Aether Hub uses USPS First-Class Shipping. Tracking number for orders are emailed to customers the day of shipping. If there are issues with your orders tracking number, please contact us or USPS Shipping providers. 
What if an item is missing from my HUBundle?
We diligently check and double check our packing to ensure all products are accounted for. Yet, we're all human, if a mistake is made we will work tirelessly to correct it. Contact us via email at if anything is missing or damaged.
What's your refund policy?
Not happy with your order for one reason or another? Contact us via email at We may ask for photo evidence if damages are sighted. We will work with you to ensure you're happy with your Aether Hub experience.